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Hi! I'm Roxi Thiam

Welcome to my wild corner of the internet. 

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Clinical Herbalist, and wellness enthusiast, I provide a wide range of services to help individuals, groups, and families exceed their wellness goals. My services include a variety of customizable programs, workshops, lectures, individual consultations, and wellness luncheons live or virtually.


My goal is to help one million people develop a healthier lifestyle that surpasses their own health expectations. I use herbs & foods as a healing modality to create balance in conjunction with lifestyle change.

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'No Prescription Needed' DELIVERS! Jatarah does an incredible job of candidly sharing her challenges and triumphs in a way that will inspire her audience to take full control of their health with the most powerful medicines, plant-based foods & herbs. I loved reading her story and I felt completely informed and encouraged from the first page to the last.

- Dr. Henele E'ale, Founder of the Energetic Health Institute

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Holistic Health Services

15 Essential Herbs for PCOS Symptoms
Article written by Roxi Thiam


What Our Clients Say

"Roxi is an angel. She’s a fantastic person and even a better coach. She has a way of influencing

everyone around her with positive energy and

liveliness. She’s extremely knowledgeable, friendly,

patient, kind, and fun to talk to! Thanks to her, I

learned more about PCOS than ever. With her

program, I lost 15 pounds in 30 days and now I

handle my own meal planning! Sometimes, you just need that little push…Roxi will give you that!"

Sylvia C.

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