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About Roxi Thiam

Roxi Thiam, is a published Author and holistic health & wellness expert, with an extraordinary ambition to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle. Over the years, she has morphed from being a CPA and small business growth expert to a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Clinical Herbalist, Tea Master & Sommelier who specializes in Weight Loss and Womb Wellness.

Her Story

Prior to commencing a journey to cure 20+ years of chronic illness, Roxi struggled with obesity, type 2 diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and more. She decided to take charge of her life and begin a natural treatment journey that helped her shed over 135 pounds and reverse PCOS, uterine fibroids, and diabetes for good!

Roxi currently holds certifications as a Holistic Nutritionist & Holistic Lifestyle Practioner from Energetic Health Institute. Additionally, Roxi has earned certifications & diplomas as a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist, Tea Master & Tea Sommelier from the International Tea Masters Association, and Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine, respectively. 

More so, Roxi is the author of “No Prescription Needed – A Proven Step-By-Step Guide to Healing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome through Simple Diet and Lifestyle Changes”, "The Ultimate Plant Base Cookbook" and various self-help journals and workbooks. Her literary publications have been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Telemundo, PBS, and more.


Through fun, educational experiences, and nutritional & herbal interventions, Roxi has guided thousands through the transformational journey of becoming the best version of themselves. She believes that life has no limitations, except the ones we make.

Connect with Roxi during any of her LIVE workshops or schedule a health coaching discovery consultation today

I promote optimal wellness and preventative medicine by providing our community with high-quality holistic care. I empower our tribe to 'heal thyself' through alternative therapies, holistic nutrition, herbal education, and most of all, a fun social environment.

-Roxi Thiam

My Commitment to You

Leaf Pattern Design

Finesse Life Holistics

Finesse Life Holistics LLC is a functional, integrative holistic wellness enterprise; designed to be a foundation of knowledge for the community. We provide a wide range of nutritional, health, and wellness services including meal plans, grocery store tours, nutritional coaching, waist beads, mastermind programs, medicinal herbal blends, and much more.

Our apothecary brand, The Bougie Garden™️, is passionate about educating our community about the power of herbs and plant-based medicine. With over 300 organic herbal products, our botanical alchemist and tea sommelier, Roxi Thiam is sure to provide just what you need! 


PCOS & Womb Wellness

Weight Loss & Weight Management

Holistic Nutrition & Meal Planning

Clinical Herbalism & Plant Medicine

Tea Master & Sommelier

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